Currently, Serrano supports 2D convolutional operator (API).


  • The inputTensors and outputTensors should have same number of tensors.
  • There can be multiple tensors in inputTensors and all tensors in inputTensors should have same shapes. Operator will do calculation for each input tensor independently.
  • Dilation. Currently, calculation with dilation > 1 has not been implemented.


let convOp  = ConvOperator2D(numFilters: 64,
                             kernelSize: [3, 3],
                             stride: [1, 1],
                             padMode: PaddingMode.Same,
                             channelPosition: TensorChannelOrder.Last)
  • numFilters. Required. Number of filters (feature maps)
  • kernelSize. Required. 2D Int array.
  • stride. 2D Int array. Default is [1, 1].
  • padMode: Default is PaddingMode.Valid.
  • channelPosition. Default is TensorChannelOrder.First