Fully Connected

FullyconnectedOperator (API) do regular fully connected calculation between input tensors and weights.


  • Auto flatten. For input tensor with rank >=2, the operator will automatically flatten the tensor and then do calcualtion (shape kept). Actually, Serrano will do nothing to flatten it. Cause inside a tensor, all data elements are stored as a 1D array.
  • If inputTensors has more than 1 tensor object, the operator applies calculation on each input tensor independently. Results will be stored corresponding tensor of outputTensors


let op = FullyconnectedOperator(inputDim: 100, numUnits: 20)

let op2 = FullyconnectedOperator(inputDim: 100, numUnits: 20, biasEnabled: False)
  • inputDim: Input dimensions of input tensors
  • numUnits: Number of hidden units.
  • biasEnabled: Indicating whether use bias. Default is true.