Matrix Multiplication

MatrixMultOperator(API) do matrix multiplication on input tensors.

Few notes:

  • Operator will use Metal Performance Shaders if it's available on the platform.
  • This operator can taken multiple pairs of inputs. If inputTensors contains more than 2 tensor, operator will take the last tensor as input B and all previous tensors as input As. Then for each tensor in A, do AxB.

transposeA and transposeB

MatrixMultOperator has two attributes:

  • transposeA: If transposing input A before do computation. This applies to all input A.
  • transposeB: If transposing input B before do computation.


let op = MatrixMultOperator()
let op = MatrixMultOperator(transposeB: true)
let op = MatrixMultOperator(transposeA: true, transposeB: true)